Air-conditioner consumptionOur Air Conditioner Product Line

We carry a wide variety of different air conditioner products to meet our customers’ needs. For us, providing top-quality equipment and servicing is not enough. Each and every piece of equipment needs to meet the customer’s or business’ exact specifications. From air conditioner units to duct systems, we stock everything you need to get set up or replace old system components.

Wall Mounted Fan-Type Coil Unit

For applications where it is practical, install a wall mounted unit that meets all the latest industry standards for performance and efficiency. The unit features a low profile so it can be installed in locations where it is out of the way. An alternative to bulky installations of the past, the unit provides cooling or heating through a highly dependable design.

Window Unit

A compact unit with all the bells and whistles. The fan, compressor, blower, condenser and evaporator coils, thermostat sensor, and other electronics are built into one unit. A front control panel enables you to manage the settings according to the current environment. The filter is directly behind the grille so is easily changed to keep performance optimal for as long as possible.

Ceiling Cassette Unit

Featuring ultra-modern air distribution technology, the ceiling cassette unit is ideal for the demands of commercial environments. Conference halls, offices, and retail establishments are the best applications, but new homes can benefit from this unit too. The integral fan system ensures clean and comfortable air reaches every corner of the room. This energy saving device is even suited for locations where ceiling space is limited.

Ceiling Ducted Systems

These offer superior air distribution performance and the convenience of out-of-the-way ceiling mounted components. A compact, integrated design eases installation. Each unit is designed to connect to your duct system and maximize the performance of the entire air conditioning and ventilation system.

Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners

A more compact solution for modernizing your air conditioning system is now available. Our ceiling suspended air conditioners employ an external suspension method, shortening installation time and making your AC even more visually appealing. Where wall or window installations aren’t practical, this new ceiling mounted design provides an affordable alternative option.

The state-of-the-art air conditioner products in our inventory are suited for all sorts of applications. Contact us today to find out the best solution and take advantage of cost-effective, energy-efficient air conditioning systems which meet the latest industry standards.